Spring onion scrambled eggs

Serves: 1

Prep: 5 mins

Cooks in: 5 mins

These are the eggs, most of us, probably grew up eating. Quick and easy to make and so versatile! I know we all know how to make scrambled eggs but let me show you our recipe of scrambled eggs with spring onion and fresh dill. 🙂


1 egg

2-3 tbsp whole cow’s milk

1 spring onion (the green tops)

fresh dill

freshly ground pepper

oregano to taste

1 tsp olive oil



  1. In a small bowl whisk the egg. Add the milk, the pepper and the oregano and continue to mix until combined.
  2. Cut the green tops of the spring onion into small pieces and add them to the mixture.
  3. Add the fresh dill to the mixture as well.
  4. Heat the olive oil in a pan over medium heat and pour in the egg mixture.
  5. As the eggs begin to set, gently pull them across the pan with a spatula, forming large soft curds.
  6. Continue pulling, lifting and folding eggs until thickened and no visible liquid egg remains.


  • Scrambled eggs are perfect for a healthy breakfast and they can be served with avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese. They are suitable for lunch as well.
  • When cooked, you can sprinkle over a little bit of parmesan cheese for babies over 1 year old.
  • It is recommended to be served immediately.


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